Parties in power will fail in distorting the latest confrontations

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stressed that the parties in power are portraying banks as the biggest evil to distract citizens.  The current government is infiltrating the demonstrators with its own supporters, and is maximizing on the anger that people feel towards the difficult living conditions, thus inciting participants in demonstrations to destroy bank facades along with the government infiltrators.

In a statement, the BLOC asserted that the Central Bank played a negative role in the banking sector, yet it remains apparent that the biggest evil remains the “parties-sects” who have over the past 30 years implemented an irresponsible fiscal policy to cover their multitudes of corruption.

The Bloc noted that the parties in power today are attempting to reconstruct themselves through imposing a political government at any cost.   The current government’s plot to oppress and arrest demonstrators and media is not justified in comparison with the type of demonstrations in the streets.  It is clear to see that even in the middle of the demonstrations, the rebels did not destroy any private properties nor any business despite the mounting anger, a fact that indicates awareness and an unwillingness to fall into chaos. The Bloc considered that the real danger stems from the government’s nonchalance towards Lebanese institutions and the unity of its people: this became evident through turning the security forces, whose main function is to deter crime and protect borders, into an instrument of repression, much like other totalitarian regimes.

In conclusion of its statement, the National Bloc stated that attempts to distort the altercations between the demonstrators and authority will fail as they will turn into altercations between poor civilians and poor security forces.

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