Parties in power disavow government they wanted in their own image

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that the parties in power have symbolically disavowed the government that they aspired to mirror their old systems. The people on the other hand have unequivocally withheld confidence in this new government.

In a statement, the Bloc noted that the people renewed their initiative which caused the government to call in all its security apparatus to protect the representatives from their own constituents. These security forces would have been of better use in support of the army martyrs in Hermel, and internal security forces in Ouzai.

It was not enough that the council convened without the legal number of representatives present, but the representatives of the political blocs who supported the government gave statements evading their present and past responsibilities for the crisis in the country.  The Bloc noted that the first speaker was MP Mohammad Raed, who is part of the bloc that appointed Prime Minister Diab and then imposed their disguised ministers on his cabinet and committed to his bogus budget. MP Raed said: “the government does not resemble our political party”, and “the ministerial statement did not convince us”!

The Bloc also noted that minister Gibran Bassil, after having given advice to the new government as if he was reciting his own ministerial statement, said “we will give this government our trust but if does not act accordingly we will bring it down”! The team that is in opposition to the current government was maneuvering and negotiating, arriving to parliament and not entering the public hall as to not complete the legal attendance, and then later takes part in the session!

The Bloc considered that what is stranger that all that was the fact that all speakers admitted to the mistakes of previous governments, yet none of them admitted that they were the guilty ones, as if previous governments came from another planet.

In conclusion the Bloc stressed that the parties in power are in a difficult situation and that citizens will remain vigilant and will not back out despite all difficulties until this system is changed.  There will be no more deals and half-baked solutions because on October 17th the Lebanese made the decision to take back their dignity, and they will be on a daily vigil with the government to keep it on its toes.

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