National Bloc: Objections to the public budget are justified due to loss of confidence in the government

The Lebanese National Bloc Party supports the current protests to the proposed government budget stating that the issue is not simply about the salary decreases for the public sector, nor is it about asking the banking sector to support the national treasury, but rather it is an issue of loss of trust in the government and its arbitrary procedures in line with its loss of a viable economic vision.

The National Bloc Party said in a statement that Lebanon is suffering from a structural economic crisis caused by the encouragement of the rent economy, which has exacerbated the public debt, and hugely increased the deficit in the balance of payments and in the trade balance.

The party believed that solving this structural crisis requires the government to put in place rescue plans where the budget is allotted. The Bloc considered political favoritism, the sharing of the spoils, and the lack of strategic vision of the "parties/sects” who reject any reforms will only yield a balance-like budget to fill in temporary gaps in a quasi-mathematical calculation.

The Bloc called on citizens keep pressuring government to implement the shelved reform plans, one of which being the McKinsey plan. The Bloc pointed out that a delayed budget based on a plan and vision will be more likely to receive donor approval.

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