NB: We support holding Salameh and the entire establishment accountable... Authorities morally collapsed in Tripoli's incidents

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Charges brought by Judge Ghada Aoun against Central Bank's governor, and the Banking Control Commission’s head, will be a good move only if they are followed by charges against all participants in the quota-sharing and squandering regime, as they are jointly responsible for plundering public money and should be held accountable.

However, if these charges are only an attempt to single out one of the leading figures in the corrupt power and blame him for the outcome of this joint crime, it will not go unnoticed by the Lebanese public opinion and will not meet its expectations.

On the other hand, regarding the incidents in Tripoli, the authorities morally collapsed in the face of the protests over poor living conditions in the so-called northern Lebanon's capital. They are exploiting the violence of some desperate citizens, but also supporting them, as an exchange of political messages and to strengthen their positions on the country's remnants and citizens’ bodies.

But we say to this regime that Tripoli was, and still is, the Bride of the Revolution. Against the will of the thugs, Tyre and Nabatiyeh will continue saluting Tripoli. No matter how often they will try to exploit the revolution in Rashaya, Jal El Dib, and Zouk, their salute to Tripoli will remain stronger than your manipulations.

You will not be able to divide these people who resisted and defeated all occupations, including the Israeli enemy and Syrian regime. You will not be able to insult their self-esteem and humiliate them with a can of oil or diesel... These people will expel your internal occupation and their dignity will never be denigrated.


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