NB: We support an international conference to protect our consensus and state; we refuse subjecting Lebanon’s sovereignty and interests to foreign axes by sects’ parties

National Bloc released the following statement:

The Lebanese National Bloc Party supports convening an international conference “to protect our consensus and our unified, sovereign, and independent state.” This was our long-standing position to safeguard our borders and sovereignty by calling on the United Nations to play its role in international peacemaking and security, particularly in bolstering small countries.

However, we urge Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, as well as all spiritual and political leaders, to denounce and expose the ruling political class, notably the highest offices in the state, and to stop making any distinction between them from a religious or sectarian perspective because they are compromising “our unity and the integrity and sovereignty of our state,” instead of prioritizing the nation’s interest over any self-interest, no matter how great the challenges, temptations, and pressures are.

We warn the Lebanese that the sects’ parties are exploiting their fears and worries and are distributing roles among them. Some of them are calling for an international conference to support Lebanon's neutrality and are politically and financially connected to a foreign axis, while some others refuse the international conference, empowered with their weapons and links to another foreign axis. Lebanon's sovereignty and interests hinge on external powers with both logics, which will end any possible United Nations assistance to lift the country out of the bankruptcy they were responsible for.

The solution that we are looking for is to find more lines of communication between a unified Lebanese people through dialogue, away from populism that exacerbates divides and divergence, and to continue building a civil state freed from sectarian power-sharing, a state of law and institutions.

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