NB: End-of-summer festival government in Baabda… “October 17” inevitably coming to power

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

October 22, 2020 is a date to remember. On this day, the ‘Festival of Nominations’ took place at the Presidential Palace in Baabda. The white smoke came out, and the nomination of Saad Hariri was announced.

After 30 years of destruction across the country, one year of the people's uprising against the devastating regime, and more than two months of the crime at the Port of Beirut... as if nothing had happened.

As if also the October 17 revolution never happened! But it did happen, and the quota approach and allocations in the Cabinets formation will not be the same anymore... and their confusion is the best evidence.

The Lebanese Forces are the first to withdraw, fearing the fireball, and leaving their partners burning with what they ignited for 30 years; the LF were present throughout 15 years.

The Progressive Socialist Party threatens to leave, blames former PM Hariri, then names him under the pretext of preserving the French initiative, but the truth is that the party preserved its share.

The Free Patriotic Movement, which is “pissed off” at Hariri for not taking into account the share that minister Bassil is demanding, is promising to wage a relentless war against the Cabinet lineup.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is satisfied, as the “Ministry of Finance” and the maritime border demarcation are now part of his share, and is preparing for a “fierce battle” with the Lebanese President.

Hezbollah saves itself the embarrassment of nominating Hariri since the votes of others are enough for his designation. Hezbollah has its own reasons for not naming Hariri, and it will not burn the bridges in case its interests are threatened.

Thus, it is the "End-of-Summer Festival" government in Baabda. As for its actual formation, confusion and mistrust are prevailing among the components of the long-awaited Cabinet ‘combination’ or lineup. What can the upcoming government achieve?

At best, all the merits of this government will not surpass what the World Bank Vice-President for the MENA region stated; the maximum amount expected is one billion dollar to secure wheat, fuel, and medication. However, we know perfectly well that these resources will remain eventually administered by this same ruling system. They are smuggled in broad daylight and monopolized, while the state apparatuses are shackled, the authority is an accomplice, and its measures are mainly limited to some propaganda raids.

In short, the government is performing another drama show, but the change sparked by October 17 will certainly undermine that show... A new reality emerged, the ruling establishment is gradually cracking and crumbling away, and October 17 is inevitably coming to power.

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