National Bloc: We will overthrow you!

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Not a single official resigned yet! Is it possible that Beirut was devastated, and its citizens were bloodied and displaced, while the officials are still sitting in their chairs and on their thrones above Lebanon's rubbles and body parts scattered across Beirut! We will not wait for the findings of Hassan Diab’s Cabinet committees, or the investigations of a ruling authority stained with all kinds of failure and corruption… Feel ashamed and resign… Step down today before being dragged tomorrow by grieving mothers, angry youth, and desperate people…

In his appearance, the Prime Minister tells us that those responsible for this disaster will pay the price. Who is the culprit Prime Minister Diab? A mere civil servant, or the entire establishment, which neglected, covered, turned a blind eye, or conspired to store highly explosive materials in the capital, and in the heart of a densely populated area?

Those responsible, Prime Minister Diab, are individuals who have names and addresses; they were in power for the last thirty years. They have in common a shared hatred of Lebanon and Lebanese, and the willingness to kill them, individually and collectively, for a dime.

These are the criminals, and whoever dares to defend them will be their accomplice in the crime committed against every citizen and humanity.

There is no time to waste. The forces of change should hurry up, rationally and firmly, to oust the traffickers and salvage what is left. The forces of change should hurry up to build a team that will replace this crumbling authority. For sure, no matter how arrogantly and defiantly they behave, they will fall… dragged down by our will, anger, and our love for Lebanon… they will fall.



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