National Bloc: We insist on a sovereign government; independent of the political establishment

Regarding the reactions to its proposal for an alternative government, in its press conference held on 7/7/2020, the National Bloc would like to confirm the following:

  • The National Bloc’s suggestion of names, well known for their good reputation, independence, and competence, falls under our insistence on a sovereign government that is independent of the political establishment, and capable of putting an end to the economic and social collapse. The Bloc had also proposed, even before Hassan Diab’s Cabinet won a vote of confidence, an integrated political, economic, and social program confirming the possibility of finding a solution for the crisis from outside the political establishment.
  • Suggesting these names aims to thwart what the ruling establishment is promoting, namely the simplistic ideas forcing the Lebanese people to choose between PM Hassan Diab and former PM Saad Hariri, along with a group of “parties-sects” with each of them. Diab and Hariri resemble one another when it comes to the country’s devastation, ongoing collapse, and the absence of reform. Thus the importance of confirming that other options are available for all the Lebanese. The names we suggested provide evidence that alternatives are available, and only represent the visible tip of the iceberg of all the citizens who are capable of assuming the responsibility for the country’s administration.
  • The Bloc’s proposal comes in the context of strengthening the voice of the serious and responsible opposition in the public debate, and it received a positive response from both the public and the media.
  • The National Bloc believes that the basic division in this country is between the ruling establishment with its two facets of controlling finances and legal weapons while hanging on to finances and illegal weapons on one hand, and the political and societal forces aspiring to a strong, civil, and fair State of law on the other hand. Therefore, the National Bloc has sought, and is still seeking, along with a number of forces and individuals, to organize the opposition and unify its standpoint. The Bloc is also determined, and optimistic that its efforts will succeed in establishing an organized political framework that reflects the will to change of the majority of Lebanese people, which will not be hindered by some impulsive reactions.
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