National Bloc: We hold on to the sovereign and civil state of law and the independent judiciary against the “drummers of war”

The Lebanese National Bloc Party’s Executive Committee released the following statement:

Since the Tayouneh incidents, which took place on October 14, the warlords are beating the drums of war. They are pushing the country to the brink of civil war just to silence the Judicial Investigator or to serve political electoral interests.

The tragic clashes that erupted in Tayouneh are happening in the context of threats made, both publicly and secretly, by Hezbollah's Secretary-General and the party's security official at the Palace of Justice in Beirut, against a brave judge fulfilling his duty. Therefore, the sectarian clashes that shocked the residential neighborhoods and terrorized the defenseless civilians, killing 7 and injuring 37, are only considered as part of an attempt by Hezbollah, which is the strongest party in the Establishment, to turn the Beirut port explosion from a broad national cause into an issue leading to sectarian polarization and fighting. In order to achieve this objective, Hezbollah mobilized its political influence through the recurrent appearances of its Secretary-General, and its security services and media platforms. Through all these efforts, Hezbollah was actually the spearhead of the Establishment in impeding the investigation of Bitar, who has faced so far 14 lawsuits, claims, and notices filed by suspects belonging to different political affiliations.

The alleged involvement of other forces in the clashes, such as the Lebanese Forces and Amal Movement, does not mitigate Hezbollah's responsibility in this regard. Accordingly, we call on the security forces and Judicial Judiciary to investigate what really happened, irrespective of the political dictations and prescriptions, and to determine the responsibility of those who were implicated in the murder and intimidation of people.

In addition, the attempt to transfer the case to the Higher Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers in exchange for thwarting the investigation of Tayouneh incidents – that is circulated by the media as being the initiative of Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai – is only a pursuit of Hezbollah's attempt, along with its allies in the ruling system, to strip the Judicial Investigator of his powers and obstruct the investigation after giving it a sectarian character.

The real answer to attempts of perverting the course of justice and protecting suspects should not be based on political compromises and sectarian exaggerations, nor on carrying weapons and delivering fiery speeches. The real answer should be only to hold on to the investigation, protect the Judicial Investigator by law, struggle for the judiciary's independence, and safeguard the rights of victims, and most recently Abbas Mazloum who died yesterday after being severely injured on August 4.

Today, while the sectarian forces insanely dance on the verge of the civil war in a dark celebration with an unknown end, sacrificing the lives and security of Lebanese men and women, we, at the Lebanese National Bloc Party, reiterate our pledge to the sovereign and civil state, betting on the ability of the Lebanese people to make a change towards a future that is devoid of “constant fear of a return to civil war.” We strongly believe that upholding the rule of law and seeking justice for the victims of the August 4 crime will pave the way towards this state.

In 1975, the leader Raymond Eddé was the only voice of reason amid the chaotic war and sectarianism. We hope today that we can succeed in what he failed to achieve, by adhering to his principles and full national belonging... and with the October 17 revolution spirit.


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