National Bloc: Universities and regime are opposites that cannot coexist; truth will always prevail

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

October 17 won in the universities; the logic of citizenship and civil state triumphed; the equal rights and duties also won, along with the collapse of the quota-sharing system, clientelism, sectarianism and the alleged sects’ rights. The regime in power was incapable of breaking through the universities, the strongholds of liberation, controversial ideas, and modern state-building. The sects’ parties attempted to infiltrate with undercover candidates, but they were unmasked. Eventually, the political revolution will go on, and all the Lebanese students are called upon to take part in it by voting to candidates who are independent of the parties-sects.

In contrast to this achievement, the regime is pretending to shed tears over the imposed sanctions, while it did not shed even a single “crocodile tear” over the Beirut Port explosion victims.

The regime stands stubbornly against the “devils” of the external powers, after it allowed them to interfere by engaging in regional and international conflicts, ignoring their internal devils who led to the state’s bankruptcy. Seeing them hurling charges and insults against each other, over the forensic audit, speaks volumes about their responsibility for wasting public funds and the widespread corruption.

The universities and the regime in power are opposites that cannot coexist, and the truth will always prevail.

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