National Bloc: Together we will hold the ruling mafia accountable and rebuild the state

The Lebanese National Bloc Party’s Executive Committee released the following statement:

- At a time when the ruling regime is distracted by bickering and power-sharing quotas, refusing to submit to a reality that has proven its illegitimacy, and its incompetence in particular, the Lebanese are struggling to find basic staples in order to stay alive and stand firm in a country ruled by a mafia disguised behind a constitutional text.

- After being an international partner, Lebanon's role has become marginalized now. The country is absent from regional negotiations, and we fear Lebanon's transition from a major actor to mere crumbs shared by the most prominent players.

- The “ruling regime,” after stealing and squandering public funds, is now overseeing the robbery of private money through a disguised “haircut” with fake exchange rates, the latest of which is the ridiculous Sayrafa platform launched by the Central Bank.

- As if this was not enough, in order to avoid the anger of the hungry, this regime intends to use the "subsidized ration card” as an instrument to bring back some of its lost supporters. However, in the absence of funding and objective criteria to determine the beneficiaries, this card will only serve to humiliate citizens, just like the contributions and financial aid previously provided by the "sects’ parties" and their fictional associations that rely on clientelism as their sole criterion.

- As for what we are currently witnessing: long queues at gas stations, shortage of medicines and medical supplies, and the inability to do some decisive hospital operations due to the loss of anesthetic and dialysis drugs, it is the conclusive evidence that the support – contrary to what is announced – is being lifted in a gradual, informal, chaotic, and unbalanced manner.

- These kind of people do not care if the Lebanese starve or die. They do not have the solution. If ever there is a solution, they certainly have no intention to reform in order to implement it. Since they are fully aware that any independent government will hold all of them accountable, without exception, they cling to power, preferring the nation’s destruction, the citizens’ emigration, and the humiliation of those who could not leave to the extent of begging for bread, medicine, and clothes.

However, despair is not an option, and submission to the will of the strongest is rejected. Together, we will continue the struggle, and we will keep organizing the opposition and closing ranks until the end of those who practice robbery, squandering, and corruption, those who impoverished and murdered the citizen, and those who weakened the state and exposed its sovereignty to violations, prioritizing their self-centered interests at the expense of the country's interests and its people. Together, we can eradicate this disease that plagued Lebanon since more than 30 years. Today, it led our country to bankruptcy after plundering it. Together, we can hold accountable this entire ruling class and the leaders of this regime, in order to rebuild the state that protects us and that we deserve.

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