National Bloc: Today's session is a victory over those who rely on weapons to impose their candidate.

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The withdrawal of the "Hezbollah" and "Amal Movement" blocs and their allies to deprive the session of its quorum before the start of the vote counting, which is a continuous violation of articles 74 and 75 of the Constitution, divides the country between those who want a president and those who disrupt the session and bet on the vacuum until they can impose their will on a large number of Lebanese people.

Today's session exposed the limits of excess power and external interference, and Hezbollah's inability to impose Sleiman Frangieh, knowing that it has a parliamentary minority as the results showed.

Today, despite attempts to impose and control the fate of the country and the people, disregarding the rules of the constitution and the majority, Lebanese from all regions and several political forces converged to reject the "bullying" logic prevailing in Lebanon since May 7, 2008.

Today, despite the disruption of the presidential elections for eight months, Lebanese democracy triumphed over those who bet on weapons and foreign interventions to impose their candidate on their compatriots.

The suspension of the session by Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri before resolving the issue of the number of votes cast, and without responding to MPs' requests to recount or re-vote, is further evidence of the “bullying” logic by which the Lebanese Parliament is run, which calls into question its constitutionality. Accordingly, and in commitment to the Constitution and the commitments of Berri before the public and the international community, the Speaker should call for a new session at the earliest opportunity.

Jihad Azour gaining 59 votes today places us all in a great responsibility in light of the collapse of state institutions and the rampant economic crisis.

Today, three things are required:

- Ending the vacuum by resorting to the Constitution and the continuous convening of Parliament until a President of the Republic is elected.

- Securing a parliamentary majority capable of electing a president of the republic who puts Lebanon on the path of political and economic rescue. Therefore, we renew our call to all allies and friends to strive to achieve this based on today's result, which renews confidence in our democratic system despite Speaker Berri's attempt to distort it.

- Refusing to give in to the method of treason and threat, and firmly rejecting the logic of imposition, in commitment to Lebanon's supreme interest.

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