National Bloc to the expatriates: Our role, battle, and goal are the same

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The diaspora rights were restored after the Parliament amended Article 122 of the Electoral Law, granting expatriates the right to vote for all 128 MPs. This matter was settled. Now it is up to the Lebanese diaspora to support the uprising of their country and its people by electing competent and impartial MPs to represent them in Lebanon. But first, they have to register for the elections before November 20, 2021, to be able to exercise their right to vote abroad.
The clock is ticking, especially after the Parliament agreed to hold the polls earlier, on March 27 next year. The diaspora voting contributes to achieving change, implementing all reforms to address the crises we are facing, and toppling an entire Establishment that is used to be dependent on foreign powers, stir up sectarian tensions and divisions among citizens, and profit from political clientelism.

For the expatriates, we say: Our role, battle, and goal are the same, to topple an Establishment that ruled the country for more than 30 years; an Establishment that impoverished us, stole us, forced us to emigrate, and blew us up. For the authorities, we say: There is always tomorrow!

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