National Bloc: To Save Freedom of Expression from Downhill Path

The National Bloc released the following statement:

Lebanon, which is originally founded on political, individual, and economic freedoms, seems to be gradually losing these liberties, which once helped shape its identity. This is mainly due to the ongoing assaults by extremist forces and militias on citizens. In fact, regime loyalists and thugs mobilized to suppress young women and men protesting for their right to freedom of expression and journalism two days ago. This occurred under the watchful eyes of the security forces, which are supposedly in charge of protecting the citizens' security. Before this incident, we also witnessed systematic incitement campaigns by the regime-affiliated media to incite violence and justify oppressive practices against freedoms of expression, assembly, and journalism.

We directly hold Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, accountable for what transpired, and with him, all members of the government without exception, especially those accustomed to sending their thugs with sticks and sharp tools to assault peaceful citizens (a practice that has been ongoing since before October 17).

We call for an immediate action to save the country and the state from this downhill path, in defense of the remaining freedoms, modernity, and culture, and in defense of Lebanon.

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