National Bloc to Nasrallah: Aren’t your actions an internationalization and occupation?

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

In his appearance yesterday, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has underestimated the suffering of the Lebanese, although his comments fell this time under the topic of “Resistance and People.” We ask Sayyed Nasrallah: Where do you stand on people's concerns, problems, and rights as long as you are protecting the corrupt regime? Where do you stand in terms of resisting the internal occupation of people’s interests, squandering their money, and impoverishing them?

You publicly declare your rejection of internationalization, occupation, and intimidation, while you are holding Lebanon hostage to foreign agendas. Aren’t your actions an internationalization and occupation? Aren’t your weapons the reason of intimidating fellow Lebanese?

Sovereignty is to give the Lebanese people the right to decide. Sovereignty is not holding the Lebanese hostage to regional negotiations and conflicts. Standing by the people is to preserve their interests amid the economic and financial collapse, and not to engage in pointless bickering about the number of ministers.

It would have been better for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to announce Hezbollah's return to Lebanon, withdrawal from regional conflicts, and political disengagement from Iran. This is the only sovereign position that will support citizenship, promote equal rights and duties among the Lebanese, and limit weapons and Lebanon's defense to its legitimate armed forces.


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