National Bloc: The solution in Lebanon begins with the end of this regime

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The fuel and medicine crises, which threaten the lives of citizens, are technical crises, and do not require international expertise or any UN Security Council resolution.


But despite these difficulties, and the depreciation of hard currencies, solutions always exist, and Lebanon is not the only country facing crises of this kind. Nothing is impossible if three conditions are met:

  1. A political decision to work out a solution.
  2. A political will to implement the proposed plan of reaching a solution, and facing those who oppose it.
  3. A sense of responsibility towards the suffering of the citizens, and to share this suffering with them.


These three conditions are not met. The political decision of the sects’ parties is to rebuild themselves and form quota-based governments. As for the political will to face those who oppose the solution, it is impossible due to the intertwining of material interests between the parties in power, monopolists, and smugglers.

Concerning the third condition, how can we expect the authorities to share the citizens' pain after allowing the ammonium nitrate bomb to be stored in the port and causing the explosion that destroyed half of the capital, killing over 200 people?

The solution is purely technical, but should be preceded by the political solution, which is the end of the regime.


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