National Bloc: The regime commits high treason by relinquishing sovereignty over maritime borders

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Once again, as usual, parties sacrifice Lebanon's supreme interests, particularly its sovereignty, maritime borders, and oil wealth, as a result of their internal bickering and dependence on foreign powers, in addition to their greed, quota allocation approach, and priority given to their self-centered political interests at the expense of the nation's interest.

The Syrian regime seizes 1 thousand km2 of our waters, while the ruling establishment in Lebanon, at all its levels, is turning a blind eye and did not summon the Syrian ambassador to a meeting with the outgoing Foreign Minister - End of statement!

As for the southern borders, another scandal and disaster are occurring. It is rather a high treason, in every sense of the word, whether legally or politically. The President of the Republic Michel Aoun, who spearheaded the amendment of Decree No. 6433 to replace Border Line 23 with Line 29, which would increase Lebanon's share by about 1,430 km2, refused to sign on the pretext that the resigned government must meet to approve the amendment.

This is the latest theatrical drama performed by this infamous despotic ruling system entitled “Respect for the Constitution.” This Constitution, which they strive to breach every day though violation, manipulation, and exploitation for their own interests, is being used by them today to waste the remaining limited time and evade responsibilities, while the nation’s high interest requires exceptional, swift, and strict measures.

It is not surprising that the Israeli enemy encroached on Lebanon's borders and waters, being an aggressive occupying entity. However, by relinquishing Lebanon's waters and resources in favor of this enemy and the Syrian regime, this act perpetrated by the ruling system can only be classified as an internal occupation and high treason.

As a reminder, Decree No. 6433 was approved in 2011, adopting Line 23. The Lebanese army had presented at that time documents and maps scientifically confirming Lebanon's right in Line 29.

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