National Bloc: The patriotic work of syndicates is undermined by the hybrid alliances of parties/sects

The Lebanese National Bloc Party considered that the alliance of opposite forces during the Medical Syndicate elections in Beirut is proof that the goal of parties/sects is to gain control over professional, cultural, and athletic organizations. The Bloc asserts that the parties/sects, through this type of control, seek to stop any opposition to their dominance over all activities taking place in the country.  

The Bloc stated that the parties/sects are preventing trade unions and syndicates from doing their patriotic roles of overseeing and fighting for the rights of their constituents, as is the case in Algeria and Sudan.

Trade Union and Syndicate activity is about managing the affairs of their respective members, defending their interests, and promoting the respective professions to international standards. The Bloc reiterated its position towards the Syndicates of dentists, engineers, and attorneys, whose members have begun to prioritize their professional interests rather than being under the control of the parties/sects, and called on all other syndicates to make this professional rather than political choice.

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