Is the government counting on more suicides to get away from accountability?

The Lebanese National Bloc party noted that it is a violation of the constitution for the current authority to keep delaying the formation of a new independent, sovereign government of skilled specialists, and the binding parliamentary consultations.

In a statement, the National Bloc deduced that the conflicts amongst the ruling parties, mainly over shares of resources, can only lead to one of two situations: either to a government not being formed, or to the formation of a hybrid government similar to its predecessors that bankrupt and robbed the country under the slogan of “national unity”. This is not a strange thing as the parties in power admit that Lebanon is in the midst of an economic and fiscal crisis, blaming their partners in power for the problems rather than finding solutions. In parallel, the house of representatives is looking to find ways to save meager amounts in the general budget, and that will not solve anything.  Meanwhile, suicides are increasing on a daily basis, and none of those in positions of power have made any comments or statements about this phenomenon, begging the question: is the government waiting for everyone to commit suicide in order to get away from accountability? 

The National Bloc stressed that the current government is delusional in thinking that it can escape responsibility as the current situation gets worse, and will inevitably lead to an explosion of public anger and riots. 

The Bloc concluded its statement by stressing that government refusal to accept the logical demands of the demonstrators to form an independent government is a risk to Lebanon’s future, and this government with its different parties, will be solely responsible for the dire circumstances.

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