National Bloc: Suspending the blast probe is useless... Whoever detonated the port is known and will be prosecuted

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

There is no state without justice and no democracy without accountability, or else we would be a group of rival and infamous tribes.

The system in power will try, under the cover of political or National Pact-related arguments, but often on legal pretexts such as pausing the investigation for “legitimate suspicions,” to deny the reality of the August 4 crime.

This reality is not a point of view, it is an undeniable fact: From 2013 on, the entire system knew, from its highest official to its last doorkeeper that there was a quasi-nuclear time bomb at the port. But nobody lifted a finger.

Whoever placed the ammonium nitrate at the port is a criminal and until this moment there is no definitive evidence of his identity, but it will be revealed. Whoever left this bomb for seven years and added fireworks and flammable materials to the same warehouse is known and “caught in the act.”

The judiciary must not hold back, otherwise, after this crime there will be no judiciary nor authority. Then, the Lebanese people will have the right, and even the duty, to head to any international entity of which Lebanon is part, in order to demand the prosecution of known criminals.

And to whoever from the entire system will act arrogantly and cry over sovereignty, we say in advance: You have given up on sovereignty, involved Lebanon in external conflicts, and brought foreign sponsors into Lebanon to serve them and your authoritarian interests. As for us, we demand the enforcement of justice, which is, above all, paramount, prevailing, and sovereign.


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