National Bloc to President Aoun: It’s time to trust your people

The Lebanese National Bloc Party in an open letter to President Michel Aoun stated the following:  In your position as the head of state, you are a trustee of the Constitution, which you have always deemed to be "right".

The Constitution is a legal and fundamental document that consecrates the will of a people to live equally on their land through a social contract that regulates their relations.

The Constitution’s basis are the people. Lebanese citizens have a complex and unique identity that encompasses all their different religious and political affiliations: They are free, and have a history of resisting all foreign occupations and domestic injustices.

The Lebanese are a cultured and open people, they are civilized, mature and peaceful and possess political savvy.

The Lebanese who have been forced into immigration by unfair policies, quotas, and corruption have been successful in many fields including science, economics, and politics.

Speaking to the Lebanese people as you would to children or ignorant people or as followers of internal and foreign policies really demeans their knowledge and wisdom about what is good for Lebanon and its people.

Once the government admits its failure governing should be surrendered to politically independent, sovereign and able specialists from the Lebanese people. Was it necessary for a young man to be martyred, and is it not time Mr. President to trust the people whom you are responsible for?

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