NB: "The revolution will keep rejecting sectarianism in spite of the “Parties-Sects”

The Lebanese National Bloc Party noted that what has happened in the last two days, namely the death of two citizens in Jyeh, and the systematic attacks on the demonstrators, carries a hidden political agenda.

In a statement, the Bloc reiterated its previous demand for a speedy investigation into the Jyeh incident and for arresting those responsible whomever they might be, as it is forbidden to jeopardize the safety of citizens for whatever cause. Secondly the Bloc sees that the security forces’ failure to protect protestors in Beirut and in Tyr goes beyond the issue of security and translates into the Lebanese losing trust in those forces.  The sectarian chants of those who attacked the demonstrators and those who infiltrated the peaceful demonstrations reflect the intention of the “parties-sects” to make it seem like they are in conflict with each other. This sectarian speech is the weapon of choice of the “parties-sects” to create mistrust among citizens and to make the people believe that they the “parties-sects” are the ones protecting them from the others. This strategy is intended to stop the people from holding the “parties-sects” accountable for 30 years of corruption and waste of public resources and funds.

The National Bloc stressed that citizens should be made aware of these tactics that are getting more dangerous with the use of force.  It is evidence of the “Parties-sects” confusion and inability to float as they drown in their own contradictions only worrying about how to divide up whatever resources remain in the country.

The “Bloc” affirmed that this revolution, despite the infiltration of "parties-sects", remains innocent of them: it is civilized, peaceful, national and sovereign, rejecting foreign allegiances, with a clear identity of citizenship for the rule of law, equality and social justice. This revolution belongs to the generation that has rejected sectarian and regional segregation, and exclusion.  This is a revolution seeking liberation from the humiliating nepotism, a revolution for the citizens, all citizens without any discrimination.

In conclusion the National Bloc questioned the ability of the “parties-sects” to exclude an entire generation.

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