NB to the parties in power: Demand for an independent government is late, yet a positive step

The national Bloc party noted that some of the political parties in power have started to demand the formation of a minimal independent government comprised of specialists. Although this demand came late, the Bloc asserts that it remains positive regardless the reasons that led to this change in position.

The National Bloc issued a statement about this matter reminding that it has been demanding the formation of an independent government of specialists since its new launch on February 8 of this year.  The Bloc reiterated this position this past June 7th in a press conference, and stressed on it once again at the onset of the Lebanese uprising on October 16th during the launching of the “Afaal” project to combat extreme poverty in Lebanon.

The party noted that this demand is one it shares with the demonstrators that have lost trust in the parties in power: it is a logical, honorable, and sovereign demand and everyone should abide by it since it comes from the people that are the source of all legitimacy.

The National Bloc Party ended its statement by reiterating that when it talks about citizens, it is including those who support the parties in power, as those supporters have also been the victims of humiliation by the current government’s corrupt practices of quotas, nepotism, and waste of public funds.

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