NB: A refined revolution by all standards

The National Bloc Party noted that the following four conclusions can be drawn after roads were open without any bloodshed or confrontations between the Lebanese Armed Forces and the demonstrators:

  1. “Anger Sunday” had its ramifications on Monday, and it was due to the government insulting the intelligence and integrity of the demonstrators by claiming that their demands were also its demands! The government that is continuing to deliberate in order to form a duplicate of the status quo, as if nothing has been happening since October 17th.
  2. The demonstrators’ understanding that keeping the roads closed was detrimental to citizens’ livelihoods and the movement.
  3. The demonstrators’ refusal to follow the agendas of infiltrators who wanted to use the demonstrations as a way to settle internal conflicts that had nothing to do with the goals of the movement.
  4. The demonstrators’ innovation in creating civilized and peaceful tactics that were used to put pressure on the government.

Based on these observations, the National Bloc can assert that this revolutionary movement is mature and aware, and that it cannot be swayed from its intent and its goals of saving all citizens, including those who support the current government and its political parties.

The Bloc asserts that this movement will not end before reaching its goals, the first of which being the creation of an independent government of able specialists. The party also stated that the government has lost the trust of its citizens (the source of all legitimacy) and that the parties aligned with the government have begun to exchange accusations, making them unable to take any positive and constructive steps.

The National Bloc, and for the benefit of all citizens, invited the government and all the political parties affiliated with it to step down and allow for an alternative.

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