“NB”: No second chance to a government committing a crime against Lebanon

The National Bloc Party noted that the government, and despite the pressure that the peaceful revolution has been exerting against it, is still ignoring its citizens’ demands to form a salvation independent and sovereign government of able specialists. The government has only been trying to reawaken the current system to no avail, as well as creating sectarian and regional rifts and pitting the army against its own people.

In a statement, the National Bloc sees that what has been happening in the past few days, namely the apparition of armed government partisans, is evidence that all attempts to derail and kidnap revolution as well as attempts to revive old political conflicts between the 8 and 14 March movements has failed, and that foreign allegiances mean nothing to the demonstrators.

The party noted that the government and the political parties affiliated with it have been behaving in a way that indicates distress in face of citizens’ refusal to give this government one last chance.  The National Bloc asserts that for the government to ask for this last chance is an admission of guilt, and in this case it is guilt of committing a crime against Lebanon.  The political parties affiliated with the current government are all afflicted with the ills of sectarianism, quota systems, corruption, nepotism, political feudalism, and those ills have bankrupt the government and impoverished the Lebanese.

The National Bloc put forth this question: who in their right mind would give a last chance to someone accused of all the ills mentioned above? And how can the accused keep on ignoring a revolutionary movement that has proven itself as a major player with a unified message? How can we give this political team a chance while it has, since the government resignation, been unable to choose a person that can form a new government; this disability to choose is caused by this government’s drowning in its own contradictions, that have disrupted the executive branch of government and brought us to where we are today.

How can we give this political class one last chance, when it is not concerned with the fact that every day that passes without solutions is only increasing the size of the economic and financial crisis? How will this government face its supporters when disaster strikes? This is unfortunately a government that does not car for its supporters nor for the demonstrators.

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