NB: Why bully the peaceful cross-sectarian and nonpartisan demonstrators?

The Lebanese National Bloc Party questioned the reasons behind the violence executed against the peaceful demonstrators by “Amal Movement” and “Hezbollah” supporters, as well as the use of sectarian hate speech against those demonstrators.

In a statement, the National Bloc noted that objections to a revolutionary movement whose demands serve all citizens including the Shiite duo is an oddity.  The party stated that it was unfair to portray the “Amal Movement” and “Hezbollah” supporters as violent, while those supporters have been prevented from using their energies to rebuild a state with the rule of law.

The party stressed that the revolutionary movement is a sovereign one that refuses all foreign interventions, furthermore, it stated that accusing the demonstrators of collusion and of being guided by such political parties as the “Lebanese Forces” and “The Progressive Socialist” is in direct contrast with the reality of the movement that is against all the political parties in power.

The Bloc wondered about the assaults against the demonstrators, and which parties would be served by these attacks: is it to restore the authority of a government that is known to have bankrupted the state, broken the economy, and impoverished and humiliated its own citizens?

The National Bloc concluded its statement by stressing that the current government is incorrigible and unable to change its behaviors. It has been a month since the government resigned and the current parties in power are still trying to find ways to allocate quotas amongst each other; a flagrant display of disregard for the pain of the people living in the shadow of a dire financial crisis.

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