NB: Bar Association regains its independence: All representative councils should follow suit

The Lebanese National Bloc Party extended its congratulations to the Bar Association, an association that is like a shield for citizens when justice is politicized, on regaining its independence despite the fact the political parties in power tried to delude themselves into thinking that they had a role to play in this victory.  The Bloc sees that is the first victory in a representative council, one that has turned the table democratically and peacefully to open a door for other representative councils to follow suit, especially the House of Representatives.

In a statement, the Bloc revealed that it had offered to endorse Lawyer Melhem Khalaf for the post of president of the Bar before the Bar Association’s elections; Mr. Khalaf declined the endorsement, a position that shows his independence despite personal friendships and common principles with many members of the National Bloc Party.

The National Bloc stressed that the victory of an independent candidate is also a victory for the revolution.  Such a victory has important implications for rebuilding trade union institutions on sound foundations, in preparation for restoring their natural role.

The Bloc noted that since the “Ta’ef Agreement” the parties in power have been controlling the unions and syndicates, mirroring those parties’ divisions and alliances that are based on quotas and sectarianism. This is what has hampered the trade unions’ and syndicates’ role as representatives for their trade and members, as well as hampering their supervisory roles and preventing them from speaking up against abuses.

The National Bloc Party concluded its statement with reminding that the “parties-sects” have even taken over the sports clubs in the country, making those clubs platforms of sectarian hate speech.

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