NB: The system is bankrupting Lebanon, solution is a government that restores trust

The Lebanese National Bloc Party noted that the government remains unconcerned with the economic and financial crisis. The purchasing power of citizens is decreasing daily, their savings are in danger and their future is in jeopardy as poverty rises dangerously threatening to impact half of the Lebanese population.

The Bloc stated that in face of this dire situation, the current government is still buried in its conflicts over splitting whatever resources are left in the country.  To cover up its failures, this government, after having exhausted all other resources, is trying to revive the monster of sectarianism and violence.

The Bloc issued a warning based on the conclusions of many Lebanese and foreign economic experts that the only way to curb and lessen the results of the current crisis is through forming a government that can restore trust. What all the experts, as well as all the Lebanese people agree upon is that the current government has lost its credibility, and this is based on objective and scientific observations of this government’s actions over the past thirty years: actions based on quotas, nepotism, and corruption.

The National Bloc concluded its statement by stressing that the only solution will be in forming and independent, sovereign government of skilled specialists, otherwise the current government will be responsible for the destruction of Lebanon.

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