National Bloc: Regime has primary responsibility for arson attack on “Bhanin Camp”

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The assault on the Syrian refugee camp of Bhanin, in Miniyeh, and the displacement of families, are unacceptable and condemned by all human and ethical norms. The judiciary and the security services are required to arrest all perpetrators. The repeated attacks are a direct consequence of the authority's inability to protect the Syrian refugees and the citizens, the absence of accountability, and its failure in addressing the Syrian refugee issue to ensure a minimum level of human dignity for all.

The role of this failed regime was limited over the last years to fueling racism, grabbing international aid money, and failing to develop any social and economic plan to ease the burden of refugees on citizens. Impunity and lack of accountability today, as well as the inflammatory rhetoric of the regime's key figures, raise question marks over their obvious attempt to turn the Syrian refugee into a “scapegoat” in order to evade their responsibility in the current collapse.

This latest incident is a further evidence of the sectarian system's fall, and that the only available solution, including for the Syrian refugee crisis, is the sovereign and civil state, which will provide protection for all, regardless of their racial, national, religious, and intellectual affiliations.