NB: Rebels against domestic injustice will not tolerate lack of sovereignty

The Lebanese National Bloc party noted that in his speech yesterday, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke of the importance of creating a sovereign government, and that there should be no foreign involvement in Lebanon’s internal economic choices, foreign investments, and trade relations.  He also stated that Lebanon will not accept any dictates, no matter where they came from

In a statement, the Bloc asserted that the demands of the Secretary General were also expressed clearly by the demonstrators who were adamant about not allowing any groups, persons, or political parties that had foreign relations to infiltrate the movement. The Bloc stated that those who rebel against injustice in their own land will naturally rebel against foreign dictates, as freedom does not make a distinction between domestic and foreign nor does it make a distinction among religions and sects.

Within this context, the National Bloc compared what the Secretary General said in yesterday’s speech about the economic partnership with Syria, Iraq, and China as a way to solve Lebanon’s problems, with what he stated in his former speeches about citizens having lost trust in their government. The Bloc has found the following based on this comparison:

  • In the absence of trust in the government, it becomes impossible for any industrial, agricultural, service and tourism organization in Lebanon to grow, create jobs and export its products
  • The government is a main economic player that represents a third of the national income. Corruption, quotas, and waste in the government weigh heavily on the economy, and can destroy it.
  • Governmental laws and policies for all economic sectors have a great impact on all economic transactions; corruption is preventing the implementations of such laws and policies and therefore is keeping investors away from Lebanon.

The Bloc noted that investors always look at the profit margins and at the legal systems and policies that protect investments. If this isn’t the case then investors become part of a system of quotas and bribes and their investments become like robbing the Lebanese economy through illegal completion. The Bloc pointed out that foreign investments become a type of colonialism when those investments come into countries where the rule of law is absent and corruption is rampant.

The Bloc concluded its statement saying that in order to protect Lebanon’s sovereignty the demonstrators should demand an independent government of able specialists, a government that will restore the trust of domestic and foreign investors and that will protect us from economic colonialism.

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