National Bloc: Quota-setting apparatus fully responsible for the crisis

On Friday, the Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that the “quota-setting apparatus” should be held “fully” responsible for the crisis, saying that this apparatus “instructed its supporters to target the Central Bank Governor, holding him solely responsible for the bankruptcy,” during their participation in the protest movements on Thursday evening, and expecting that “it will not be long until this apparatus becomes haunted and tormented by its own supporters.”

Read the full statement below:

Pity this quota-setting apparatus, whose quiet night was disturbed by the protesters. Pity an apparatus that retired to its comfy bed “monetizing” in dollars, during its deep sleep, what it has earned in nominations.

The street protests, and the voices of the free people rejecting humiliation and subjugation, disturbed their night. The supporters of the apparatus took to the streets chanting slogans with the demonstrators, but only after sharing instructions to target the Central Bank Governor, holding him solely responsible for the crisis and the bankruptcy, while the quota-setting apparatus is fully responsible for Lebanon’s current woes since three decades. What this apparatus does not know is that “enchaining” their supporters with fake, vague, and sectarian slogans will not withstand the spread of poverty and humiliation.

Your supporters are part of the people, and like them; it will not be long until they themselves haunt and torment you.

Until that time, the revolution and Lebanese will not give up their first demand: a sovereign and independent government vested with legislative powers to help save what you destroyed over the period of 30 years.

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