A consensus Cabinet only prolongs the crisis… NB’s position: We have learned from past experiences

French President Emmanuel Macron summed up what we have consistently reiterated in the National Bloc Party regarding the importance of change through democratic means. The message conveyed by the Bloc’s Secretary-General Pierre Issa to the meeting with the French President underlined that the change we are looking for, peacefully and democratically, is through free and impartial elections, under the United Nations’ monitoring, in order to ensure their integrity and protect them from political money influence.

As for the national consensus government mentioned by President Macron, the National Bloc considers that this kind of governments, which were already formed more than once in Lebanon, proved to be unproductive and unsuccessful, and supported the quota-sharing approach that led us to a failed State. Replicating the same scenario will only prolong the crisis, based on our past experiences; (or as the Lebanese old saying goes) “We will not retry what was already tried out.”

For this reason, the National Bloc confirms that salvation only starts with a sovereign and independent government, vested with expanded powers. This government will be able to put Lebanon on the track of its liberation from an internal occupation by an authority dependent on foreign powers.

The scandals of this same authority became infamously known by the whole world. The French President expressly demonstrated his position by not even entrusting it with humanitarian aids. He sought instead to deliver them directly to Lebanese people, through independent groups and organizations from the civil society. Is this not enough for the statues of this ruling authority to feel ashamed and step down?!