The Parliamentary Consultations were a tragi-comedy

The Lebanese National Bloc Party considered the events of the parliamentary consultations to be like tragi-comical play.  It has become evident that the government is unable to renew itself or to accomplish the most basic of tasks after having put all its efforts into bankrupting the country and raising sectarian and regional sentiments.  Amidst all this, the current government continues to ignore the economic disaster that is crushing the citizens of this country.

In its statement, the Bloc party said that the demonstrators who are beyond reproach are similar to a giant that has put the current government on trial, a government that does not possess any means of defending itself except through denying all responsibility.

The Bloc reiterated its position that the only solution is to form an independent sovereign government of skilled specialist, and said that the main tasks of that government for the first 100 days should concentrate on the following issues:

  1. Reducing the public debt burden, which will reduce pressure on the national currency.
  2. Developing and implementing a practical plan for the electricity issue.
  3. Taking all necessary measures to eradicate waste, especially through sectarian reservations, and considering a restructuring of the state.
  4. Developing and implementing emergency and contingency plans in order to widen the social protection scope (50% of Lebanese citizens are now dangerously close to poverty levels).


The National Bloc asked all political parties to focus on two things: First, to begin internal dialogues about all matters of conflict such as the national defense strategy, and second to reconsider their values and behaviors while waiting to regain their positions in the next elections.  

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