National Bloc: Obstructing the investigation is an explicit condemnation of ruling establishment

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Attempts by the establishment, at all its levels, to disrupt the investigation is a clear and explicit condemnation of this regime and cannot be dissimulated by resorting to constitutional and legal arguments.

In contrast, the audacity of the Judicial Investigator Fadi Sawan who summoned four officials is a good indication that the Lebanese judiciary is willing to move forward in the battle of truth and accountability. This was clearly reflected by the regime’s confusion and panic.

In this context, the National Bloc expresses its support to the Lebanese judiciary against the regime and its maneuvers. It calls on the judge Sawan to carry on the investigation that is still below the expectations of citizens and victims’ families, and to answer questions recently raised by several reports about the destination of the ammonium nitrate, which was unloaded in the Port of Beirut.

Political interferences and blackmailing today, and the authorities’ determination to thwart the probe, is another evidence of the decisive nature of the judicial independence law adoption battle, as a prerequisite to reach the truth and ensure accountability in the August 4 crime, and to protect the judges in Lebanon.

Hence, the National Bloc reaffirms its full commitment to the Lebanese people struggle for the truth and accountability to restore our rights and dignity, and to achieve the judiciary’s independence.