National Bloc: Minister of Tourism responsible for the assault on Wassef El Harakeh

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:   The ISF statement confirmed that the aggressors against the activist Wassef El Harakeh were driving a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Tourism. Four of the aggressors were arrested in this same car with a military-grade weapon, according to the statement.

By not summoning the Minister of Tourism to give his statement, while he assumes the primary responsibility for his Ministry, or by not even announcing his immediate resignation, considering his administrative and moral responsibility, we conclude the following:

The assault against Wassef El Harakeh is not an individual act, but a deliberate and calculated attack.

The uncontrolled arms became legitimate for this government and political establishment.

This Cabinet, which has no alternative as Hezbollah's Sheikh Naim Qassem recently reiterated, is not aiming to find solutions for Lebanon’s crises but only to silence opposing voices. Therefore, this political establishment does not believe in the rule of law.

This fact is confirmed by the death of a Lebanese Armed Forces soldier in the region of Baalbek, as a result of protecting holders of uncontrolled weapons.

As for all the comments about exposing and not protecting any criminal, they are no longer convincing anyone.

The establishment’s policy of neglecting the remote and outlying areas, wasting the State’s funds, and maintaining the clientelism, allowed some criminals to intimidate, humiliate, impoverish, and deprive all the citizens and families of northern Bekaa.

Consequently, no matter how much this establishment escalates and attempts to intimidate people, it will not be able to muzzle the people who resisted and defeated two occupations.