National Bloc: Lifting subsidies is a systematic plan to starve the Lebanese

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

A new chapter of the failed drama show begins between the President of the Republic Michel Aoun and PM-designate Saad Hariri: Throwing the Cabinet lineup to each other as if we had the luxury of time, and delaying the declaration of this ruling system's surrender and stepping down.

Wasting and looting public funds and depositors’ money, and smuggling the subsidized goods, were not enough for this political establishment. It has failed so far to come up with any rescue plan, and even refuses the World Bank’s proposal of funds to the National Program to Support the Poorest Families.

The regime is exploring now the idea of lifting the subsidies. In fact, this is just a systematic plan to starve and impoverish the Lebanese in order to spark riots, unrest, and an unstable security situation to divert attention away from its corruption. The regime is on a suicide mission that will certainly topple it, but will also take the Lebanese in its wake. However, it will not be spared from accountability and will be responsible for all actions it perpetrated. The end of this internal occupation is imminent and we will build on its remnants a fair state that will protect all its citizens.

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