National Bloc: Lebanon’s involvement in regional conflict destabilizes its security

The Lebanese National Bloc Party believes that the current regional conflict between the United States and Iran with the participation of some Gulf countries serves only the interests of those countries at the expense of the local people’s lives and livelihoods.  The Bloc asserted that an example of this can be seen with what has befallen the people of Yemen and Syria, stating that it is both an American and Iranian policy not to enter into direct confrontations but to have their wars fought on their behalf.  

The party stressed in a statement that Lebanon must maintain a neutral stance since its involvement in this conflict on any level will only lead to destruction, destabilization, and more economic deterioration.

The Bloc reiterated its firm position on the need to limit the decision of war and peace to the state, and to limit the defense of the Lebanese borders to the Lebanese Armed Forces.

The National Bloc Party considers Hezbollah's announcement of its ability to set up precision missile factories in Lebanon, as if there were no army there, as a strike to sovereign principles of government.  Additionally, not including arming the LAF in the national budget, and leaving this to foreign aid (specifically from the United States) is also seen as a strike to Lebanon’s sovereignty.

The Bloc warned that Israel will be the sole beneficiary of the outbreak of war in the region, as it exploits chaos and unrest to encroach further on the rights of Palestinians, especially in the shadow of the “Deal of the Century".

The Bloc also warned of the imminent dangers of unexpected confrontations that are in the interest of many countries and organizations in the region, and reminded of the lessons of history when many bloody events happened because of shortsightedness, recklessness, and popularism.

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