National Bloc launches the Jbeil Caza Council’s political activity

The Lebanese National Bloc Party launched the political activity of the Jbeil Caza Council in a ceremony held in the schoolyard of the Collège des Saints Cœurs (SSCC) - Jbeil

Issa: Peaceful transfer of power requires an independent management of elections

 During the event, the party's Secretary-General, Pierre Issa, stressed that “achieving a peaceful transfer of power” requires “independent management of the electoral process,” as well as “an independent executive authority,” underlining that the party's program will make a big difference in these elections.

Eddé: We warned of the collapse since 2006, but officials’ main concern was the [quota] “cake”

For his part, former party leader Carlos Eddé reminded that the Bloc had warned, since 2006, in its successive statements, that what is happening in Lebanon will lead to a scenario that is very similar to what is happening in Venezuela and North Korea. He pointed out that the officials’ main concern at that time was only to receive the largest share of the [quota] “cake.” He expressed his optimism for the National Bloc party, because he saw in it a group of young men and women who are motivated to defend the interest of their country and their future in Lebanon.

Sakr: Spring 2022 is coming... Let us unite and pull Lebanon out of hellfire

The head of the Jbeil Caza Council, Tarek Sakr, called on citizens to change how they elect their representatives in order to improve their quality of life, stressing that "spring 2022 is coming and is carrying the new hope of a political class that has positive effects on everything that surrounds it.”

The ceremony included a presentation of the National Bloc’s program under the title "Rebuilding our State, a full-fledged State, all over again." A large number of officials from the caza of Jbeil, and of National Bloc’s members, participated in the ceremony.

After the ceremony, a dialogue took place between Secretary-General Pierre Issa and the party's youths who were participating in the Lehfed camp, which was organized by the National Bloc’s Youth Sector on August 26, until Sunday 29.