National Bloc launches its political activity in the caza of Nabatieh: We want a strong state that protects its people equally

‌The Lebanese National Bloc Party launched its political activity in the caza of Nabatieh, in south Lebanon, where it opened its headquarters in cooperation with the Watani Haweyati group, in a ceremony during which the party's Secretary-General Pierre Issa stressed the need for a “strong state against the state of sects' parties (...) ‌that protects its people equally”. He made it clear that this state needs to be “bolstered by an army (...) ‌that is trained and armed with all means", and an “independent judiciary” (...) ‌which goes after corrupt officials without hiding behind “the sectarian rights”.

‌Issa: Revolution groups have to get organized, build a program, and establish alliances

‌The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Secretary-General Pierre Issa highlighted the fact that "the National Bloc is in Nabatieh today because the age of isolating the Lebanese people in specific areas is over, as Lebanon cannot be divided," stressing that "Beirut is in the heart of Nabatieh, just as Nabatieh is in the heart of Beirut, as well as in other areas. The goals are the same all over Lebanon, which are establishing a strong state, a state of citizenship in the face of ‘sect's parties’".

‌“We want a strong state that protects all its citizens equally, so that they do not have to defend themselves personally against any aggression. From Nabatieh, we pay tribute to the fallen martyrs of the south who protected Lebanon from the Israeli enemy. We recall that in 1944, the National Bloc submitted a proposal to the Parliament warning against the establishment of the State of Israel and the threat it poses to Lebanon and the Arab world", Issa added.

‌“We want a strong, bolstered state with a strong army that is trained and armed with all means, and a state that provides social services, in which the citizens will not feel indebted to the leader for granting them their basic rights. ‌We want a state that has an independent judiciary, which protects the citizen, and goes after the corrupt officials without hiding behind "the sectarian rights." ‌We also want a strong state with a productive economy characterized by social justice", he said.

‌"Are all of our demands considered as mere baseless wishes?" ‌Issa asked, explaining that ‌“This is how they are trying to mislead us [regarding our demands], because their goal is to preserve a regime that destroyed us and created artificial barriers between people," stressing that "the truth is otherwise, and the proof is that today we are gathered from Saida, Chouf, Beirut, and all regions of the South. In fact, we are not only sharing the same dream, but we are the forces of change and nothing will stop us."

‌He emphasized that "nothing will stand in the way of the people's will to build the strong state. This will, which the people expressed on October 17, remains in many ways, despite the economic crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, the August 4 explosion, the brutal crackdown, and the sectarian rhetoric. ‌This is our choice and our will to change, and we will certainly reach our goal."

Issa concluded saying: ‌It is essential that the opposition forces get organized, this is the reason behind opening an office here in Nabatieh. ‌But what do we mean by organized opposition forces? ‌They say that the opposition is the revolution, but the truth is that the revolution is nothing but the revolution itself. ‌On the other hand, all the groups that emerged from the revolution must be organized, build a program, and establish political alliances. ‌Change occurs either in a peaceful democratic way or through violence, but we are seeking change through democratic and peaceful means. ‌This office is open to everyone and to all groups that need to organize their actions and develop their political work.

‌Mroueh to the Lebanese revolutionaries: ‌Authorities are targeting you. Abort their attempts and teach them a lesson

‌For his part, the general coordinator of Watani Haweyati, Dr. Kamel Mroueh, confirmed that "the office we will open will not only serve the Watani Haweyati group, or the National Bloc party only, but it is an office for all the honourable revolutionaries. ‌When you visit the office, you will feel like home, ‌Mroueh added.

‌Mroueh explained the reason for the relationship between Watani Haweyati group and the National Bloc, especially that the latter is a founding party of the Lebanese entity, and why it was excluded from the slogan “All of them means all of them.” He mentioned the visionary and impeccable history of the Bloc's founder, President Emile Eddé, and the leader Raymond Eddé, and pointed out that the funding sources of the party are purely Lebanese.

‌He insisted that the revolution "is not over and will never be over", noting that the real revolutionary, according to the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, is the one who is totally involved in the revolution and who, contrary to customary norms, interferes in what does not concern him. ‌The revolutionary must have four conditions: dignity, self-esteem, freedom, and awareness, he added.

‌He addressed the revolutionaries of Lebanon by saying: ‌Unite together, because the honourable youth of Lebanon are looking forward to you, so do not let them down. Authorities are targeting you, you have to abort their attempt and teach them a lesson.