National Bloc Launches Internal Elections for Leadership Positions, Welcomes 500 New Members

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The "National Bloc" party announced the launch of its internal elections campaign entitled "Democracy is Continuity", during a party’s meeting held on Tuesday, September 13th, in KED Hall - Karantina, during which 500 membership cards were handed out to new members.

The party’s meeting included an explanation of the internal elections mechanism that will be conducted in three stages procedure between October 15 and November 10, where district councils, diaspora, and professional syndicates sector will be elected in a first stage, the “Party Council” in a second stage, and the “Executive Committee” and the new Secretary General in the third and final stage.

In a speech during the meeting, Secretary-General Pierre Issa said "today is a very important day because it culminates years of hard work, and despite the crises we can say with confidence that the “bloc” has become a modern, democratic, secular national party, especially at youth level, who are capable of addressing all the Lebanese unexceptionally, in Lebanon and abroad”.

He stressed "experience has demonstrated that there is no alternative to the state despite the great challenges and enormous economic and social pressures”. “Despite the fact that confrontation, survival in Lebanon and steadfastness in the battle to build the Lebanese state are very costly, yet we are determined to complete the construction of a convincing political alternative that reflects the aspirations of the people and their continuous ability for self-renewal," Issa said.

He concluded "the internal elections present a modern and transparent model for party’s work in Lebanon, and today is a first step in the journey of a thousand miles that will undoubtedly move the National Bloc to a new stage.".