National Bloc: Kassem Kassir's rational comments were met with lies and fabrications

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The attack on journalist and researcher Kassem Kassir is nothing but an illogical and irrational backlash.

Kassir's comments can be summed up in two positions:

First, his defense of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in resisting the Israeli occupation. They are considered the martyrs of all the country, and just like anyone, in our view, who have been martyred in resisting any occupiers, whoever they may be.

Second, his critique, which was based on evidence and arguments, of Hezbollah's actions that are provoking other communities in Lebanon, regarding the need to withdraw from regional conflicts, its political disengagement from Iran, and the development of a defensive strategy because "Hezbollah cannot continue to resist alone.” This is a sovereign position promoting citizenship and equal rights and duties among the Lebanese.

As long as such issues remain unresolved and every party is seeking external support and involving Lebanon in conflicts that it has no interest in, and as long as the Lebanese have not agreed on the exclusive monopoly of arms and Lebanon's defense in the hands of its armed forces, there would be no recovery whatsoever for this country.

Kassem Kassir made rational comments, but they were met with lies and fabrications. To all those who were irritated by Kassir's statements, we repeat the words of Imam Ali Ben Abi Taleb: "Only by responding to an opinion with a counter-opinion, the truth is revealed."


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