National Bloc: Judge Bitar's Decision is Bold and Protects Justice

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The decision of the judicial investigator in the port explosion, Judge Tarek Bitar, to resume his duties in the investigation of the August 4 crime, is a brave and bold decision that emphasizes the importance of the role of the Lebanese judiciary in protecting the rights of the victims of the Beirut explosion.

This decision aims to uphold justice over any attempt to obstruct the investigation through recusals and accountability lawsuits that aim to promote impunity, and through campaigns of defamation, threats of civil wars, and hiding behind false immunities.

Our duty today, first as citizens, is to support Judge Bitar in his efforts to move forward with the investigation despite obstruction and threats, and secondly, as political and societal forces, is to defend justice and dignity in this country.

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