National Bloc: You are all guilty until proven otherwise

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The assassination of Joseph Bejjani using a pistol fitted with a silencer, in front of his house and family, is a planned and organized criminal act condemned by all ethical and human standards.

The security forces and the judiciary are required to assume their responsibilities in uncovering the truth and telling the Lebanese public opinion about any available preliminary information and any progress in the investigation as quickly as possible, instead of empty statements such as the ones made by the Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi yesterday, claiming that "security is under control," which is a blatant insult to the intelligence of all the Lebanese, to say the least.

This crime, as all other crimes, confirms our need for an independent judiciary and security services that protect the citizens. They are the only ones truly capable of restoring the trust between the citizen and the state.

The latter lost all its credibility and the trust of the Lebanese people after the August 4 blast, the return of assassinations, and the political authority’s concerted attempt to disrupt the probe. These incidents even put the state in a direct confrontation with the Lebanese. The rise in campaigns of provocation and treason accusation against citizens, further convinces us that this regime is committing a crime and conspiring against the Lebanese people.

Today, the political authority remains guilty in both cases, Bejjani's assassination and the port explosion, until proven otherwise. This confirms that we are on the right path in our political struggle in the face of the internal occupation, to topple and replace this regime.