National Bloc: ‘Internal occupation’ proved a total fiasco; can no longer be entrusted with running a prison

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Shortly after Lebanon gained independence in 1943, the parties-sects lined up with the external powers, bullying each other from the 1958 crisis, the 1975 civil war, and to the present day.

The Lebanese people have proven their ability to resist and expel the occupier from their land, whether it was the Syrian, Israeli, or any other army.

However, the leaders of the parties-sects betrayed and exploited the blood of the resistance fighters and martyrs. They soon adopted the occupier's strategy. They took over Lebanon itself and controlled a region or the entire country by excluding others, breaking the society, and subduing it as invaders do. They plundered public funds, as if they were war spoils. They despised and impoverished citizens, even the supporters they claim to protect.

What is more dangerous than the external occupation is this internal occupation. These internal occupiers proved an utter failure, and they can no longer be entrusted with running even a prison.

On the other hand, the parties-sects did not see October 17 coming, a people recognizing relationship with the state only through citizenship. This was the starting point of the internal resistance, the people restored public squares, broke the chains, and stopped deifying leaders. The Bar Association was freed from the grip of these parties, and the internal occupation forces lost ground in the university elections... Soon enough, time will finally come to liberate the Parliament.


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