National Bloc: Hitti’s resignation is the best achievement of Diab’s government

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:   With just a few words written in his resignation, Nassif Hitti succeeded in conveying the true and full picture, in both its reality and ugliness.

His last sentence summed up all the deception, tragedy, and scandal. “I participated in this government on the basis of working for a single employer named Lebanon, but I found in my country multiple employers and conflicting interests,” he said.

How dangerous these words are. How strong their impact is when they are spoken by a Minister who witnessed, from inside the ruling authority, and from the heart of the government, how this State-Farm is being ruled. We perceived from his comments what we already know and repeatedly reiterated: a bunch of traders, stakeholders, and quota-sharing lords, is tightening its grip on Lebanon.

“I had high hopes for change and reform, but the reality aborted the fetus of hope,” he added. When Hitti says these words, we understand that all what was said about change and reform was just an illusion, a lie, and a scam. Hitti continues unmasking them by talking about the “absence of a real determination to achieve reform.” This means that not only are they incompetent, but they did not want to reform, right from the start, which is worse and more dangerous.

Then, Nassif Hitti undermines both the Cabinet and the authority by saying:

“What is required in order to build the state are creative minds, a clear vision, sincere intentions, a culture of institutions, a rule of state sovereignty, accountability, and transparency.” Every word in this sentence has its own deafening blast. When he says that creative minds are needed, it means that he did not find creativity in these minds inside the Cabinet of failed consultants. By saying that a clear vision is also necessary to build the state, it means that we are lost in a state mired in chaos, randomness, and lack of transparency. By saying that what is needed are sincere intentions, we become convinced with absolute certainty that they are liars. Hitti adds that what is required is a culture of institutions, a rule of state sovereignty, accountability, and transparency; this is his ultimate testimony that we are literally living by the law of the jungle.

Thank you Minister Nassif Hitti for giving this meaningful testimony. In fact, we can now confidently say that Hitti’s resignation is the best achievement of Diab’s government.