The National Bloc to Hassan Nasrallah: Do not condone insulting the demonstrators in order to defend a political leader.

We address you as the last speaker after the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his silence, and after the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun did not meet the demands of citizens for the timely forming of a specialized, trustworthy, and independent government.

In your last speech you stated that the revolution of Imam Hussein called for a leader, and we agree with this point, furthermore, there is no doubt that there were many field commanders leading the resistance that led to the humiliation of the Israeli occupation.  Most importantly, however, was the spiritual leadership of Imam Hussein, a leadership that rebelled against humiliation, this same humiliation that the sons and daughters of the revolution of 17 October 2019 are fighting against. All the revolutionary citizens today suffer from humiliation, nepotism, and impoverishment due to the greed of the ruling parties, and therefore they are also led by the revolutionary spirit of Imam Hussein.

You also spoke of the presence of embassy agents who are moving the revolution away from its noble cause, and here we mention that in Kufah there were also infiltrators aiming to thwart Hussein’s revolution, but they failed and the Husseini revolution inspired many generations to come: we believe that this will also happen to the infiltrators of this revolution today.

The Lebanese have demanded an independent government, and this does not in any way mean a government devoid of politics and sovereignty: what it means is a government that is independent of corruption and humiliating measures for its citizens.  Politics should have as its priority the wellbeing and service of its citizens to raise their standards of living, in addition to dealing with matters of sovereignty.

A final word: do not allow the young demonstrators to be insulted by other young people defending political leaders.  All of these youths are the only hope for the future of our country.

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