National Bloc: “The government resignation is the first step of a change in power… malicious attempts to show it as a plot against the Sunnis

The National Bloc party considers Prime Minister Hariri’s and thus the government resignation as the first constitutional step for a peaceful change of power; citizens are invited to beware of any attempt to form a new government that includes the same parties to power under different appellations.

The NB party noted, in a statement, the attempt of some “confessional parties” to revive the sectarian divide through showing Prime Minister Hariri’s resignation as a blow to the Sunnis of Lebanon; it has affirmed that such attempts will fail because citizens now understand very well that the only interest of this regime is to remain in power as has been the case for more than 30 years; the focus of regime people is on money squandering, impoverishing the population and humiliating citizens through cronyism and clientelism.

The NB party reaffirmed that the first and only demand is to form an nonpartisan scaled down government of technocrats that gains back the trust and is able to salvage Lebanon from the total collapse that “confessional parties” prepared all along their 30 years in power.

The NB party insisted on the continuation of the revolution until the regime bends to the will of the population; it called upon the “confessional parties” to be realistic and to avoid ruining the peaceful, civilized, rational and leaderless revolution that gathered 2 million citizens fighting for all their compatriots.

The NB party ended its statement calling upon the judiciary to immediately prosecute those who have attacked peaceful demonstrators, considering that it is about time to stop procrastinating with such acts. 

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