NB to the supporters of the FPM: Dismantling current political system is Lebanon’s only salvation

The Lebanese National Bloc Party addressed the supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement in a statement saying:

You are citizens like many others in this country who are crying out against humiliation and impoverishment. Like all Lebanese citizens, you have been victims of the same system for 30 years, even though it may have taken on a new form.

This system of government has a life of its own, regardless of the people who hold positions within it.  It is a system based on five ailments: sectarianism rather than citizenship, corruption in the face of integrity and transparency, political feudalism rather than democracy, nepotism rather than the rule of law, and subordination rather than sovereignty.

This is a system that offers only two choice to those who participate in it: either be part of its corruption or to leave it.  Many of you still believe in the possibility of fixing the system from the inside, while other citizens believe that the only salvation for Lebanon is through changing this system and forming a government that is independent of that system and of any person that might be supporting it.

You began by denouncing sectarianism, but after a while, you began speaking about the rights of Christians.

You spoke against corruption and intended to eradicate it, yet it only became more prevalent in the country.

You called for democracy and denounced political feudalism and glorification of political leaders, yet the leader’s family gained supreme loyalty to the point that one of the demonstrators in Baabda exclaimed: “Gibran’s mother is our mother after the Virgin Mary”.

Even though you denounced nepotism, you entered into the system and shared positions of power with your partners, because the logic of this system is quotas rather than independence and professionalism.

You called for sovereignty, yet within this system you were immersed with subordination and drawn into the politics of axes.

There is no salvation for the country unless this system is changed for your sake and the sake of all the citizens of Lebanon.  The first step is to dismantle this system, which is a long and hard process that requires everyone’s efforts, and that begins by creating a new small and independent government comprised of able specialists.

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