National Bloc: For prioritizing actions that promote citizens’ dignity

The Lebanese National Bloc Party denounced the treatment of citizens demonstrating in Ain Dara against the construction of a cement plant in their town. The demonstrators were attacked with stones and threatened with arms by the Fattouch family hired henchmen. The Bloc also denounced the shooting at Lebanese Army positions in the city of Baalbek and the town of Kneisseh by lawless renegades who seek to create unrest.  

The National Bloc Party asserted that such events have adverse effects on freedom of expression, and on the standing of security forces and the government, and should not be regarded as routine unrest in the country. These types of events call for a national alert to discern their causes and stop their reoccurrence.  

The party stressed that the government’s priority should always be the rights of its citizens above the rights of all other sectarian or political considerations of the Party-sects who only seek to undermine the concept of “Unifying Citizenship”  

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