National Bloc: Corrupt system continues its theatrical plays; forensic audit was its worst performance

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

It has become quite obvious. All members of the parties in power and those who hold positions of authority decided to become professional onstage actors. But their newest theatrical performance, the forensic audit, was one of the worst plays they tried to present to citizens.

Their show began with a letter sent by President Michel Aoun to the Parliament in order to take a stand or a decision enabling the state to conduct the forensic audit, and ended with a decision taken by the Parliament in this regard, having no binding force. As if the President of the Republic and the Parliament are making up all this useless hustle and bustle just to continue delaying the forensic audit of the Central Bank's accounts, as well as applying it to all public institutions and independent councils.

Neither the citizens nor the international community will be duped and misled by this theatrical drama, which is a mere continuation of the same corrupt approach, and of a regime unwilling to fulfill its obligations. This approach was a major reason behind Lebanon’s current critical crisis, as well as a continued recalcitrance and refusal by officials to move forward one step towards resolving the crisis.

Furthermore, this ongoing approach constitutes another reason to maintain pressure on this corrupt system that has not and will not achieve any of the actual reform steps.

From a legal standpoint, both the President and the Parliament could have proposed an amendment to the Banking Secrecy Law, which some of this drama actors invoked as a reason for refusing to hand over information. It would have been more useful for this Parliament to play its legislative role by passing an amendment to this law.

However, it has become evident among all citizens that there is no real intention to resist corruption by a regime in which quota sharing is entrenched; a regime that failed in all its "reformist" roles. So, how can the corrupt officials combat themselves?

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